Ofsted praise for Harris Academy Morden


Chair of Governors Press Release

Students “making better and faster progress than ever before”

Students and staff at Harris Academy Morden are celebrating today, having received glowing feedback from a two-day Ofsted monitoring visit in May.

The Academy was deemed to be making ‘reasonable progress’ in raising standards for all students – which is the highest judgement it is possible to achieve after a monitoring visit.

Inspectors visited the Academy because its predecessor school, Bishopsford Arts College, was judged ‘Inadequate’ by Ofsted in February 2012. They were highly impressed by improvements in teaching and therefore the progress of students at the Academy, which opened as part of the Harris Federation in September 2012. The inspection report said:

·         “The drive for improvement in this new Academy is relentless. Expectations are high. As a result, students are making better and faster progress than ever before.”

·         “All students now make better progress in English and mathematics than in the past, because of stronger teaching and leadership.”

The attitude and behaviour of the Academy’s students were also the focus of exceptionally high praise from inspectors, who said:

·         “Students are proud of their Academy, of themselves, and of their behaviour, which has transformed.”

·         “Students have demonstrated their commitment to change by quickly adapting to new expectations of their behaviour and learning. They relish the challenge.”

The report was quick to recognise that the improved attitude of students is being complemented by “an explosion in cultural visits, which make the most of London’s museums, theatres and historic sites”.

The benefits of support from the Harris Federation were also noted in the report, which said:

“The Academy has taken on tried and tested systems and processes, highly effective in other Harris Academies, and this has helped speed improvement.”

Mr Lee Mallin, whose “vision of excellence for all students” and “exceptionally strong leadership” as Principal of the Academy were praised by inspectors, said:

“The excellent progress highlighted in this report is something everyone at the Academy has worked towards and can be proud of. We have made marked improvements in raising expectations this year and will continue to build upon this in future.

“I am pleased that the dedication of our teachers has been recognised by Ofsted, and in particular delighted that the hard work and commitment of students at the Academy made such a positive impression on inspectors.”  

Sir Dan Moynihan, Chief Executive of the Harris Federation, said:

“Harris Academy Morden is rapidly establishing itself in the community and we are delighted with this excellent feedback from Ofsted about the Academy’s students, staff and leaders.”

We hope all parents take great pride in this report and continue to support the Academy in their growth and plan to achieve Outstanding in record time.

Mr T Bayon
Chair of Governors


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