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ArtZone Blog

The Art Zone is a forum which displays some of the best work produced students within the Art department. Students and members of the public are able to browse through a wide variety of project tasks, homework and exam pieces, then make positive comments on the Artworks that appeal to them.

The ArtZone is a great way for HAMD students to be inspired -  they are able to ask the students that produced the work questions such as how they went about doing the work, what materials were used, and if they have any tips on how they can improve their own work.

The ArtZone allows the younger students to see the work they will be doing in coming years and by doing so allows for better understanding and development of their own work. This is a great way for students to find ideas and continue to raise the high standards achieved within the HAMD Art department.

This is a great opportunity for friends and family to contribute to the Art community here at HAMD. We look forward to hearing from you.