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Harris Experience

Harris ExperienceWhat is the Harris Experience?

The Harris Experience is a new initiative that has been put in place across the Federation this year. It gives the most able students from Year 9 the opportunity to broaden their cultural experience and prepares them for applying to the best universities in the country.

So far this year, Harris Experience students have participated in a wide range of activities. They have visited universities and had a number of trips to the theatre. They have taken part in master classes and attended lectures delivered by subject teachers in school. They have visited the Greenwich Royal Observatory and participated in a range of exciting and challenging workshops. They have also attended careers meetings in order to discuss their future options and pathways to success to ensure that they have the opportunities to reach their full potential.

One of the most exciting things that Harris Experience students have participated in this year is an ongoing programme of events with Christie’s Auction House. In October, they visited Christie’s education centre and attended a lecture on art appreciation, along with other Harris Experience students from the Federation. Then they visited the auction house itself, watched an auction, and were given the rare opportunity to see and handle some incredibly valuable antiques and art works. At the moment, Harris Experience students are involved in the production of a piece of art work which will be auctioned off at Christie’s in an exciting event on 16th July. Each academy will be in competition with the others to achieve the highest bid. On the day, all of the Harris Experience students will go to Christie’s and participate in the auction. This will be followed by a celebration of the achievements of the Harris Experience students as they graduate into the second year of the programme.