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July 2014

C.I.T. Event Winners – Dorchester Hotel

The C.I.T. events this year have been a great success once more. Each half term, close to 200 applications are received from students wishing to be considered. Each event focusses on a different question. The questions are broad and challenging; many from university interview processes.

The intention of the CIT events, is to prepare the students for wider debate and group discussion. We hope the practice at the CIT events enables students to overcome any nerves and helps students to feel more confident when in this type of situation.

The prize for the winning the CIT event was a trip to the Dorchester Hotel in London for a wonderful ‘Afternoon Tea’. During the event we discussed some controversial issues such as: The world is heading to overpopulation. How should we deal with this? Should we stop people having children, release a deadly virus, war, withhold medicine? How would you deal with this to help the human race survive? Students do not work hard enough in the UK compared to foreign students. Do you agree with this? 

The students discussed this over sandwiches, tea and delicious scones and cakes. The debate was intense with some contrasting points of view.

What I did find surprising is that all students thought a longer school day and shorter holidays might just be a good idea! I look forward to another year of intelligent debate and another trip to the Dorchester Hotel!


Federation Climbing

Eight students from years 7-9 who are talented in PE were given the opportunity to attend a climbing event at Harris Academy Falconwood. Students were given a safety briefing and were then introduced to the climbing wall through a variety of fun and exciting activities.

Once students had got to grips with the equipment and the climbing wall, they were given the opportunity to practice a variety of climbs in 3 disciplines in order to perfect their technique. The best 3 students at the end of this practice session had the opportunity to compete against the other Academies so many of them worked hard in order to master their chosen discipline.

Practice over, the 3 students selected to represent Harris Academy Morden were Tia Ellington in the collection climb, Charmont Webster-Tape in the height climb and Takunda Makwara in the speed climb. The other students watched on and supported our year 9 students as they went head to head with students from 7 other academies including Harris Academy Falconwood who have had plenty of practice at these events.

Although none of our students had any prior experience of climbing, their performance in the competition was outstanding. Tia Ellington managed to secure 4th place for her tough and gruelling collection climb and Charmont Webster-Tape managed to accumulate a height score high enough to secure 3rd place. Takunda Makwara on the other hand, raced his way to 2nd place with 3 extremely fast climbs.

These performances put Harris Academy Morden in an amazing 3rd place overall beating Purley, Merton and Beckenham to name a few. We lost out to Falconwood and Chafford Hundred who had students with clear previous experience in climbing but all had a great day and had fun experiencing a new physical challenge.

Well done to all students who took part.


London Design Museum

It was off to the London Design Museum for the year 10 Technology students to get some ideas and inspiration from some design classics and the work of Paul Smith currently exhibiting there. The trip took a scenic walk along the south bank taking in the London skyline before arriving at the design museum building, an architectural design gem in it itself.

The exhibition was perfect for the current year 10 resistant material students who have the option to design a lamp for their coursework. There was a vast range of different desk lamps showing how some classic designs have evolved over the last 100 hundred years. The exhibition also showed how certain products and items that we take for granted are made highlighting the skill complexity of each part of the making process. This included cricket bats, felt hats, shoes, boots, marbles, light bulbs, whistles, pencils, coins, horns, apple laptops, lenses and Olympic torches.

The exhibition had a floor dedicated to celebrating the work of the well-known British fashion designer Paul Smith and exploring his future developments. The exhibition references Paul Smith’s influences and fashion designs and shows how he went on to be world famous success starting out form the bottom with lots of passion and determination. It was a great day out, well organised by Miss Hutson and enjoyed by all.

Gingerbread Challenge

Students across year 7-10 accepted the challenge of working together to make their own gingerbread house complete with ponds, animals and gingerbread characters.

All involved had a great time making their delicious gingerbread in the morning, and getting to eat the leftovers!

In the afternoon students faced the tricky task of seeing if their house walls and roofs would cope with the strain of being iced together, once they were in place they then iced and decorated until their houses looked like something from a fairy-tale story!

A fantastic effort way made which ended up in some beautiful creations!

Cooking 1

Artists in Residence (AiR)

Students were given a selection of images that relate to Science. The students then arranged their chosen images into a collage. Grids were used for the next stage, this allowed for the collages to be enlarged onto large A1 sized paper. Once the students carefully drew the collage onto the paper they then began to add colour, this was done using a range of materials such as paint, inks and pastels. Once the work was completed the students then began to arrange all the work into one very large collage of images. The work was supervised by our ‘Artist in Residence’ and was designed site specific for the stairway of the science department.

Photography & Editing Course

Students from HAMD took part in an exciting two day photographic experience which challenged students to view the local surrounding from an unusual perspective.

On their first day, students visited Morden Hall Park to take a range of interesting photographs whilst experimenting with the latest camera equipment.

The second day allowed student to gain knowledge of photo editing software, Photoshop and create wonderful images with their new found skills.

During the day of editing students work got published online for the public to see and admire!

Flower 1`

Harris Experience - Christie’s Auction House

This term, Harris Experience students have been involved in a very exciting art project with Christie’s Auction House. Students from each academy across the Federation created a work of art inspired by an artist of their choice. Antoinette Vassell, Rhiannon Hughes, Jake Chittock and Joshua Smillie worked with other talented Year 9 artists to create a modern-day take on the four elements using Michael Craig Martin as inspiration. The artists used four triangular canvases to create a quadriptych. Each canvas shows an image of a modern, manmade, everyday object related to each element. The finished piece is highly impressive.

Harris Experience