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Recovery Curriculum

Harris Academy Morden Recovery Curriculum

The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably led to disruption and lost learning. With careful planning throughout the pandemic we have worked to minimise this disruption. We have planned to deliver the full KS3 curriculum from September 2021, based on the principles of the DoE guidance Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery. At Key Stage 4 we will be responsive to the outcome of the Ofqual consultation on the 2022 exam season.


At HAMD, our approach to curriculum recovery is built on the following 5 pillars:

  1. A deliberately designed, logically sequenced curriculum based on the progression model
  2. Maximising the impact of all interactions, both face-to-face and online
  3. Equal opportunities to access remote learning
  4. Providing regular, high-impact targeted interventions for students
  5. High quality training and CPD for staff


  1. Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum was carefully redesigned during 2019-20. Teachers and leaders understand the concept of powerful knowledge that allows students to access subsequent stages of their education and updated their plans with a particular focus on the key concepts and skills that must be taught.


This has provided a firm basis for adjusting our planning as the pandemic progressed.

  • We have continued to teach all subjects
  • Subject Directors have analysed their plans to emphasise what knowledge and skills to bring into the foreground given the reduction in teaching time. Where a need for topics to be trimmed was identified, this has been achieved by, for example, reducing some repetition, or removing some hinterland aspects.
  • All subjects adjusted their curriculum with the aim of returning to full curriculum delivery by September 2021
  • Our curriculum for 2021-22 complies fully with the DoE guidance Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery. The Academy will deliver the full National Curriculum. The main adjustments that have been made have been to identify areas that need revisiting due to last year’s disruption, and some changes to the implementation to make the most efficient use of time.


  1. Maximum Impact Interactions

Throughout the pandemic, the Academy has worked to maximise the impact of all face-to-face and online interactions. Staff were given comprehensive training on delivering online learning and plans have been adjusted to allow for switching between face-to-face and online delivery.


In January 2021 the Academy delivered all of its functions online in addition to providing onsite provision for vulnerable students.

  • Students followed their full timetable, 5 days a week
  • Teachers taught carefully identified key aspects of their subject to minimise the impact of lost learning and fully prepare students for the full return to face-to-face teaching
  • Teachers employed strategies for rapid-mass feedback such as polls and quizzes
  • Student engagement was high
  • Tutors and pastoral leaders made regular contact with all students, and followed up with those who had problems engaging with the online programme

The academy continues to provide a blended learning experience, with students absent due to Covid-19 infection continuing to access their lessons from home via MS Teams.


  1. Equal access to remote learning

During lockdown and when students were absent due to Covid-19 we ensure full access to remote learning by

  • Facilitating access through a range of devices including laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Providing laptops on loan to students without ICT facilities
  • Providing internet access/dongles to students without a reliable internet connection
  • Providing support and guidance to students struggling to operate the hardware/software
  • Providing onsite education to students persistently unable to access from home


  1. Targeted Interventions

In addition to providing additional interventions through the government funded Summer School and tutoring programmes, we continue to provide a comprehensive package of boosters and intervention, including:

  • Fresh Start and Lexia literacy interventions
  • After school booster sessions and homework clubs
  • RAP Club and MAP Club
  • Twilight intervention sessions
  • Saturday and holiday revision sessions


  1. High quality training and CPD for staff

MS Teams enabled us to continue to provide high quality training to staff throughout the pandemic. From September 2021 we have restarted our full face-to-face CPD programmes to ensure the implementation of the recovery curriculum secures the best possible impact. Priorities for this year include:

  • Questioning
  • Memory and Recall
  • Retrieval Practice
  • Independent Thinking
  • Differentiation

We have set aside additional time this year to work with Subject Directors as they navigate the ongoing challenges resulting from the pandemic.