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Harris Academy Morden receives best possible outcome at recent one day Ofsted Inspection

14 May 2018


Dear Parents and Carers


As you may be aware, at the end of March, Ofsted conducted what is known as a ‘short inspection’ of our academy.  This is part of the new way in which Ofsted inspect schools.


There were four possible outcomes:

  1. There is sufficient evidence to suggest the school may be judged outstanding in a full inspection
  2. The school remains good
  3. The inspector believes the school would not continue to be good if a full inspection was completed or
  4. There are serious concerns about this school and a full inspection will be conducted straight away


I am delighted to announce that we received the best possible outcome available to the inspector and she has judged we may be Outstanding in the next full inspection.  Due to this outcome, we will have another full inspection; hopefully in the next six months, where we will have the opportunity to demonstrate our belief that we are a truly Outstanding school. 

The inspection report says that ‘pupils have high expectations for their success because staff ensure their achievement, safety and well-being are given the highest priority’. Pupils ‘enjoy and are proud of their school’. Parents and carers…were positive about all aspects of the school’s work. All these strengths are a recipe for success and are reflected in pupils’ exemplary attitudes to learning.’  


Inspectors noted two areas for us to focus on for improvement. The first of these is to ensure that students with low starting points make as strong progress as those of middle and high starting points. The Academy will endeavour to meet this target by improving on the fantastic performance of our students with Lower starting points who finished within the top 8% nationally and help them to match the Middle who finished in the top 3% and our Higher students who finished in the top 1% of students in the country.


The second is to ensure that absence is reduced among our disadvantaged students and those with SEN.  We are very proud of our disadvantaged, SEN and/or disabilities students whose overall attendance was much higher than the national average for their categories as you can see below.



National Average

Harris Morden Average




SEN and/or disabilities




The reason the inspector has raised this, is that the new Ofsted framework compares our disadvantaged, SEN and/or disabilities students to the national average for ‘All’ students. This National average for ‘All students is 94.8%.  The Academy’s attendance figure last year for ‘All’ students was significantly above the National average with a score of 95.3%,  however, we recognise that Harris Morden along with all other schools in the country, now has a new target to aspire towards and achieve!


Thank you to all students and staff who showed inspectors everything that makes Harris Academy Morden such a special school, as well as to parents and carers – particularly those who took the time to respond to Ofsted’s survey.


We hope you enjoy reading this wonderful report!


Yours sincerely



Mr L Mallin


Harris Academy Morden Inspection Report