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Routine Ideas

20 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Due to the enforced school closure we have prepared a huge amount of online work for your child to complete whilst they remain at home.

Each week the teachers at Harris Academy Morden will update the work so there is plenty for students to complete and keep busy.

It is important that students get into a routine so they keep up with their studies but equally it is vital to ensure that a balance is struck as the current situation could go one for many weeks.

I therefore propose that families utilise the work provided as well as follow the guidelines issued by the government to ensure they stay healthy and students do not become too bored thus affecting family life.

To give some ideas we recommend you agree a routine with your child, schedule lots of breaks and include as much family time for fun to keep your spirits high.

This idea may or may not suit your family circumstances but it will hopefully help you decide how you can look at this time together to make a routine that works for you all to keep active, up to date as possible with your studies but most of all keep you sanity and stay friends with your child!

We hope this helps!

Routine Ideas




Complete the Joe Wicks Your Tube PE lesson (live every day at 9am) to get you up and about with a positive start to the day.


9.30 – 10.30am

On-line school-work


10.30am – 11.30am 

Take a break and have a snack.

Maybe a little fresh air together following the latest guidance from the government

11 – 12pm

On-line school-work

12pm – 1pm

Lunch and a bit of TV, computer, relaxation time or maybe a little fresh air together following the latest guidance from the government

1pm – 2pm

Family games such as Twister, Scrabble, ‘Just Dance’ on the computer / console for fun. Teach them good old-fashioned life skills such as how to sew, prepare dinner, check the oil and tyre pressure on your car, work the washing machine i.e. life skills that we all need to learn

2pm – 3pm

On-line school-work

3pm – 4pm

Reading together and reading for pleasure


We have entered unprecedented times, but how we as adults cope with it will determine how our children remember and deal with this national crisis.

Arguing with your children will just make things worse and as this will be a long process it will make it more stressful for you.

This is why we are encouraging you to find a balance that enables you to work from home / complete household chores etc. but also ensures your children get access to what most children want – time with their parents.

Time is precious as we all know. Normal working lives mean we often do not get to spend as much time with our children as we would like. This enforced time at home for many parents could be what many of us have always really wanted; simply more time to spend  cuddling our children, telling them we love them, time to read with, read to and listen to our children but mostly just having a bit more time to be with them because believe it or not, this is what most children want. It is not the TVs, latest trainers, latest consoles, it is time with their parents.

So although I am the Headteacher and I want you child to keep up with their studies, I hope you get the opportunity to use some of this time to love, laugh and be together as this period will go down in the history books. We hope you use it to create stories that your children will tell their children and grandchildren in generations to come!

Good luck and keep safe


Mr Mallin