Harris Academies
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Summer School

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 

After the morning introductory session students were divided into two groups and participated in; Geography,  ‘Map Reading and Orienteering’ with Mr Dipple, 3D Net shapes with Maths teacher Mr Whelan, Design and Technology ‘Tower Challenge’ with Mr Fortt and a ‘Getting to Know You’ question and answer session with English teacher Miss Dewhurst.

All students engaged well during all sessions throughout the day and particularly enjoyed the Map reading session which enabled them to familiarise themselves with the school building and encouraged team work.


Thursday 24th July 2014

Students have been very creative designing and producing key rings, using MDF and a range of tools during the resistant materials session, they have also begun baking a ‘Ginger Bread House’ which is to be constructed during tomorrows Food Technology lesson.

Today’s maths session incorporated the  ‘Harris Dollar’ activity which has proved very popular with the students, who have also produced some very moving and emotive poetry during their English lesson with Miss Dewhurst.


Friday 25th July 2014

Students are completing daily diaries, time is set aside during the morning and afternoon to enable them to reflect and record the activities they have participated in throughout the day, students are also adding pictures and diagrams to illustrate their work.

The children are also enjoying break and lunch times where they are making full use of the table tennis and foosball equipment in the playground, all are engaging and interacting well with each other and new friendships are clearly being formed.

The first Science session with Mr Richards was conducted today, students studied the importance of plants to all forms of life on earth and have begun an experiment to study the factors that affect Photosynthesis, the process by which plants produce food. 


Monday 28th July 2014

Students have produced ‘Pop Up’ cards during today’s Art sessions. All students created different characters using coloured card and pencils, adding arms, legs and eyes to create their own individual designs.

Students have also successfully completed the ‘Ginger Bread House’ challenge, with all teams producing very tasty and decorative houses using icing sugar, sweets and liquorice to enhance the design of their houses. Extra credits were given for the best results, which were judged not only on the end product but also on team work, measuring and organisational skills.

All students participated well during today’s English lesson, students used the language of Shakespeare to create insults and practise the language used in his plays.

The new maths project began today led by Miss Juszczyk . Students used their maths skills to begin designing a farm, calculating the running costs and profit margins as they went along.

Summer School 3

Tuesday 29th July 2014

Students have enjoyed lots of Arts & Craft activities today with Miss Sengal. They have produced some lovely images using a variety of mediums and all learnt how to hand knit creating some very intricate work.

In Science students conducted a variety of experiments to see what metals are found in fireworks.


Wednesday 30th July 2014

Students have completed a number of activities today including English, where they looked at the front page of a newspaper, studying the layout, language, font and images used, in maths students continued with designing their farms to see who can produce the most profitable one.

All pupils were extremely creative in Art, learning how to weave using coloured paper.

Science was again a very popular lesson, students were asked to work in teams to create safety features on a ‘car’ to protect an egg on impact, extra credits were awarded to those students whose design past the test!


Thursday 31st July 2014

Students have again had a very creative day at Summer School, some pupils produced some lovely stencil work during the Arts & Crafts sessions, whilst others continued with their knitting, pop up cards or weaving projects.

In today’s science session students were looking at ‘E’ numbers and the colouring in sweets, separating the colours using chromatography.

During the English lesson students were asked to produce their best polished work from any of the subjects that they had already covered during previous English sessions at Summer School. Work produced included  newspaper reports, poetry and the language of Shakespeare.