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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Enrichment Activities

Harris Academy Morden runs a rewarding and exciting Enrichment Programme, which is designed to captivate the interests of all the students with a rich array of clubs. At Harris Academy, our enrichment clubs are an integral part of our Personal Development Programme, which encompasses five core strands: cultural capital, citizenship, resilience, tolerance, and wellbeing. Through participation in a variety of clubs throughout the year, students have the opportunity to develop each of these essential aspects of personal growth. We encourage students to explore diverse interests, engage in teamwork, and cultivate leadership skills, all while fostering a sense of community and belonging. To recognize and celebrate their dedication, participation in extra-curricular activities is rewarded with Harris points and certificates at our termly Celebration Assemblies.

The extracurricular sessions are instrumental in supporting our KS3 students’ development of a valuable set of skills that will serve them well throughout their secondary school journey and beyond.

For KS4 students, our diverse clubs are strategically crafted to guide them towards their GCSE success. From subject-specific support to tailored tutoring, we aim to provide the tools and resources needed to achieve the best possible results in their GCSE examinations.

The Twilight Programme is an exclusive opportunity for Year 11 students. Delivered by our dedicated subject teachers, these after-school sessions offer targeted support, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.


Academic Excellence: Our after-school clubs offer focused academic support, helping students excel in their studies and achieve academic excellence.

Holistic Development: Beyond academics, engagement in enrichment activities nurtures holistic development, fostering skills such as teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking.

Personalized Support: The setting of after-school sessions allows for personalized attention, addressing individual needs and facilitating optimal understanding of subjects.

Confidence Building: Active participation in clubs and enrichment programs contributes to the development of self-confidence, empowering students to tackle challenges with assurance.

Preparation for Future Challenges: The skills acquired through after-school enrichment prepare students for future challenges, both in higher education and the professional realm.

At Harris Morden, we believe that enrichment extends beyond the school day, shaping students into well-rounded individuals prepared for success.

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Enrichment Schedule - Summer 2024 

Summer Enrichment Prospectus

Summer term - Step into Dance Programme - Thursday 3pm- 4pm  - C203

Delivered by professional dancers, Step Into Dance supports young dancers to progress, excel and realise their creative potential.

Step Into Dance is a Royal Academy of Dance programme in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation, an organisation that empowers young people and widens their opportunities through grant giving and achievement recognition.

One of the largest inclusive dance programmes in the UK, Step Into Dance partners with schools and youth groups across London and Essex to offer regular dance classes. Young people benefit from opportunities to get involved in a wider programme of workshops and performances. The programme has reached over fifty thousand young people since its creation in 2007.

Step Into Dance supports the development of dance for young people reaching those that might not otherwise connect with it. Royal Academy of Dance offers an artistic youth dance programme delivered by professional practitioners and artists, allowing young people to develop skills and experience in dance and share ideas to build a life-long passion for the art form.

The programme aims to establish a creative environment in which young people can grow as dancers, artists and leaders.

The Step Into Dance programme consists of 12 sessions, each lasting one hour. The club will take place during the summer term, every Thursday from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the drama studio (C203). The first session will take place on Thursday 18th April 2024.

 Participation in this program can bring numerous benefits to young people, including:

Physical Fitness: Engaging in regular dance sessions helps improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Creative Expression: Through exploring different dance styles such as street dance, contemporary, and jazz, students can express themselves creatively and develop their own unique movement vocabulary.

Confidence Building: Performing in front of peers and instructors can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, fostering a positive self-image.

Teamwork and Discipline: Learning choreography and working collaboratively with others teaches important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and time management.

Interested? Speak to Mrs. Wolanin in TLC (B126) and sign up today!


Local History Club – Wednesday 3:00-3:50pm in the Library

Welcome to the latest updates from our Local History Club! Our club continues to attract a dedicated group of students passionate about history and historical inquiry. These students demonstrate outstanding independence as they conduct research and assemble informative presentations on topics of interest.

In their recent inquiry, the club delved into the history of World War II and explored the significance of air raid shelters in London and Sutton. Their findings shed light on an important aspect of our local history and wartime experience.

Additionally, our students have been busy recording historical podcasts, with Episode 3 soon to be available. Stay tuned for more fascinating insights into our past!

History Club


Brit School - Costume Workshop

Our GCSE Y11 Drama Students took part in a Costume for Theatre Workshop. This was delivered by Harriet from The Brit School. 

The students that attended loved the workshop, created some great costumes and found out more about careers within the creative industry. 


Drama 2Drama 1



Chinese club: learning through culture

In Chinese club students learn about Chinese Culture and language.
We cover a variety of topics such as Music, Food, Traditions, as well as different places throughout China.

Traditional Dessert 2          Dumpling 3       Chiense Xmas