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Options Process


Options Process

This year, Year 9s are completing the Options Process in May/June due to delays caused by the Pandemic.

All students continue to follow a rigorous core curriculum, including English, maths, science and PE. They cover PSHE, RSE, RE and citizenship through the tutorial, assembly and SMSC programme.

For their options, students have been placed on one of three different pathways based on our knowledge of each student:

Open” – This is the standard pathway. All students choose one humanities subject (history or geography) plus two other subjects.

Ebacc” – This is an academic pathway designed to maximise the chance of entry to top universities. Students study a language, a humanities subject and one other option.

Vocational” – A small number of students are selected to follow the vocational pathway. In addition to studying a rigorous core curriculum and selecting one of the humanities subjects, they are encouraged to follow 2 of the more vocational qualifications offered, allowing them to build up a folder of coursework over the 2-year period.


w/b 17th May – Options Assemblies. Options booklets issued

w/b 24th May – Subject Specific Assemblies (online). Option forms issued. Discussions in tutor time. Careers drop in sessions

Wednesday 9th June – Deadline for submitting forms

Friday 16th July – Option Letters issued


Information, Advice and Guidance

Students need to think carefully about their options as student timetables cannot be changed once they start their courses in Year 10.

All students receive the following:

  • An assembly given by the Vice Principal that is specific to their options pathway and supports students in making the right decisions as well as highlighting common mistakes
  • A pathway-specific options booklet, containing advice on selecting options and detailing the content of each subject
  • A series of assemblies given by Subject Directors, highlighting the reasons why a student may or may not wish to select each subject
  • Group discussions in tutor time

All students are offered:

  • The opportunity to discuss their options with their Tutor, FCO and subject teachers
  • Careers “drop-in” sessions

Some students will receive:

  • EAL or SEN specific support in understanding the options process and choosing their options.


Further information or support

If you have a query about your child’s options, you should contact your child’s Faculty Co-ordinator in the first instance. Where appropriate they will refer you to the relevant person.

Copies of the options booklets can be downloaded here

For more information on how our options process works, click here to view a copy of our options booklet.





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