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Raising Attainment and Progress (R.A.P.)



Harris Academy Morden is pleased to announce the introduction of R.A.P Club,  a programme primarily based around improving our students' attainment and progress.

R.A.P Club participants will attend two sessions a week from 2.50pm until 4.50pm and will be reviewed each assessment cycle.  Students will complete subject specific catch up work in order to make up progress and raise attainment.  Led by the Academy’s teaching staff and with refreshments provided, we believe the R.A.P Club will provide the very best opportunity for our students to achieve their potential.

Students identified to participate in the R.A.P Club will have failed to make sufficient progress over a number of subjects.  Attendance at R.A.P club is compulsory to ensure attainment and progress levels are addressed quickly.  Students in R.A.P Club will be provided with a report card which describes the expectation of work they will need to complete in each session.  Students will get their report card signed off after each session when the teacher in charge is happy with the quality of work produced.  Discussion with subject leaders, progress measures, attainment scores and homework grades will be measured each half term in order to assess if a student in R.A.P Club needs to continue with the programme. If it is decided that the student’s attainment and progress are at the desired standard, the student will have the option of leaving R.A.P club.

Students identified to be a part of R.A.P club will be given a letter informing parents/carers of the programme’s structure and expectations.