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We take e-Safety very seriously at Harris Academy Morden.

The Academy have implemented an e-Safety team to ensure the e-Safety Learning Plan supplements the plans for Safeguarding, curriculum development and pastoral awareness programmes.

To address issues that children experience today regarding the use of social media including the internet, Facebook, chatrooms and new phone technologies. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out how you can support and monitor your child at home.


The e- Safety team consists of the following members of staff:




Lee Mallin


Review all policies and practices annually.

Deliver staff training and students assemblies

Lynn Edwards

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Update e-Safety and ICT Policy annually. Provide the direct link between Safeguarding training and student awareness




Schools Police Officer

Police Officer

To contribute to the development and evaluation of our e-Safety Learning Programme

Darren Fisher

ICT Technician

To contribute technical advice to the development and evaluation of our e-Safety Learning Programme

Tyrone Liversage

Assistant Principal, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

To contribute to the development and evaluation of our e-Safety Learning Programme


The Academy e-Safety Team, plan the e-Safety Learning Plan to ensure students receive the latest information to permit safe use of the Internet and Social Media sites.

The e-Safety Learning Plan  is as follows:

Target Group



Annual Safeguarding training – Acceptable use of Social Media


Annual e-safety update best practice CPD session


Principal's First Assembly covering:

  • Welcome Back
  • Make the most of the new year
  • Staying safe
  • Speak UP



 Day 1: 'Our Diversity defines us' Wednesday 11th December 2019

 Day 2: 'It's your future - be there happy and healthy!' Friday 20th March 2020

 Day 3: 'Community connects us' Monday 13th July 2020


Assembly by the Safer Schools Police Officer

  • How to use Social Media and Smart Phones in a safe manner
  • Examples of issues young people face in society
  • Examples of issues the police deal with link to e-safety
  • Understanding the law regarding the use of e-safety
  • ICT Lessons
  • Computer Ethics
  • DPA -  8 principles
  • Internet safety – privacy of content/social media
  • Internet safety –  Cyber bullying
  • Internet safety –  data security /digital fraud / phishing
  • Internet safety - copyright


Awareness programme to highlight the benefits and concerns of the Internet.

The team review the plans annually and ask for feedback from the student body and parents who attend the parents’ awareness evening.

Throughout the year we have a range of activities to develop staff, student and parent understanding of the internet and safe use.

We deliver the content in the following manner:

  • Two assemblies per year delivered by internal staff
  • One assembly per year delivered by the Safer School Police unit
  • PSHE days focussing on bullying and staying safe in person and on line
  • Group activities as part of the Form Tutor Programme
  • A Parent advice evening

All staff at the Academy receive annual Safeguarding training and a CPD update briefing session to ensure the latest technologies or trends are discussed.

Students are advised to 'Speak Up' if they are concerned in any way to ensure help is received when required.

Students and parents can review our SHARP System for more help or advice as well as visit the link below.

Please ensure you contact the Academy if you would like to discuss e-Safety in greater detail.

Updated guidance for keeping children safe online

We have updated our guidance for parents and carers to keep children safe online. The measures announced over recent weeks to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19), although essential, have disrupted people’s day-to-day lives.

As a result of these necessary measures, almost all of us are likely to be spending more time online, including children. This guidance contains resources for parents and carers to help keep their children safe online.


Snapchat- What Parents Need To Know

Academy SHARP System Here



Remove a nude image shared online | Childline

Tix Tock guide for parents


MOMO Guidance for Parents

Momo online safety guide for parents feb 2019

Please see the link below for the poster A to Z of e-safety


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