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CIT Events

CakesTea and Cakes with the Principal

Each half term students will have the opportunity to take tea and cakes with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, whilst discussing a range of intellectually challenging topics.

To be considered to attend a CIT event (Cake, Intellectual discussion and Tea), students must answer one question and submit this to Student Reception.

There will be two CIT events per half term, one for Key Stage 3 students and one for Key Stage 4.

C.I.T. Event Winners – Dorchester Hotel

The C.I.T. events this year have been a great success once more. Each half term, close to 200 applications are received from students wishing to be considered. Each event focusses on a different question. The questions are broad and challenging; many from university interview processes.

The intention of the CIT events, is to prepare the students for wider debate and group discussion. We hope the practice at the CIT events enables students to overcome any nerves and helps students to feel more confident when in this type of situation.

The prize for the winning the CIT event was a trip to the Dorchester Hotel in London for a wonderful ‘Afternoon Tea’. During the event we discussed some controversial issues such as: The world is heading to overpopulation. How should we deal with this? Should we stop people having children, release a deadly virus, war, withhold medicine? How would you deal with this to help the human race survive? Students do not work hard enough in the UK compared to foreign students. Do you agree with this? 

The students discussed this over sandwiches, tea and delicious scones and cakes. The debate was intense with some contrasting points of view.

What I did find surprising is that all students thought a longer school day and shorter holidays might just be a good idea! I look forward to another year of intelligent debate and another trip to the Dorchester Hotel!