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Family Literacy & Numeracy

The importance of Literacy

At Harris Academy Morden we promote our students’ Literacy and work hard to ensure that they achieve to the very best of their ability. Now this is more important than ever with statistics showing a decline in Literacy standards nationally.

Did you know?

  • Less than half of  8 to 16 year olds have read a book in the last month;

  • 49% of children and young adults think that reading is boring;

  • Children who enjoy reading very much are 5 times more likely to be above average readers;

  • 22% of children report that no one at home encourages them to read;

  • 1 in 3 does not own a book;

  • 62% of boys do not enjoy writing and pupils at Key Stage 4 are the least likely to enjoy writing;

  • Pupils on free school meals have much less confidence in their writing ability;

  • Research shows that the average length of a student’s contribution to a class discussion is 4 words;

  • A 4 year old with professional parents will have been exposed to 50 million words compared to 12 million words for a child from a disadvantaged background;

  • We owe it to our students to give them the very best Literacy skills, in order to improve their chances in life and to enable them to succeed in whatever path they choose.

What can you do to support Literacy at home?

At Harris Academy Morden we work hard to support your child’s Literacy development in all subjects and we would welcome any time you could devote to this at home.

  • Take your child to the local library and encourage them to read for pleasure. (Insist that they spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day reading a book of their choice);

  • Read aloud with your child (they could read to you and you could read to them);

  • Test their spellings (all students at HAMD are given spellings to learn every week, ask for the list and help them to prepare);

  • News review (pick a story in your local free newspaper and ask your child to summarise the story in a single sentence)

The importance of Numeracy

At Harris Academy Morden we believe numeracy is one of the most important life skills. We ensure that our students are able to develop their understanding of cross-curricular Mathematics. Numeracy is the foundation of mathematics, and as such the concepts learnt in school are necessary for understanding more advanced mathematics, such as quadratic equations, statistical analysis and calculus.

Modern life is increasingly digital, presenting us with more and more numerical data. Although computers and calculators can carry out many of the necessary calculations for us, we need to know which order to enter the numbers, and whether the answer we get is reasonable. Numeracy skills are those you need to do a job (for example, using spreadsheets, calculating invoices) or to be an engaged citizen (for example, making sense of statistics reported in the media). Numeracy is also the ability to perform simple number calculations - a subset therefore of wider mathematics.

Did you know?

  • Maths helps your child continue with his/her studies in other subjects;

  • Maths A level keeps options open when applying to university;

  • Approximately 90% of graduate jobs require a high level of digital skill;
  • Maths graduates have the lowest levels of unemployment;
  • Maths is used extensively in some of the best paid jobs: Finance – accountancy, banking, actuarial work; Computing – software, internet, telecommunications; Engineering – manufacturing, surveying, architecture

    What can you do to support Numeracy at home?

    At Harris Academy Morden, we work hard to support your child’s Numeracy development in all subjects and we would welcome any time you could devote to this at home.

    We have already added to our website (see links) some materials for you to use with your son/daughter. It would be useful if you would also:

  • Show them how we use Maths skills in our everyday lives and to involve your child in this;
  • Identifying problems and solving them can also help your child develop Maths skills; If you see him or her puzzling over something, talk about the problem and try to work out the solution together;
  • Don't shy away from Maths if you didn’t like it at school. Try to find new ways to enjoy the subject with your child;
  • Take your child shopping and talk about the quantities of anything you buy;
  • Let your child handle money and work out how much things cost;
  • When taking transport, work out the journey times and encourage them to plan journeys together


  • Each student at Harris Academy Morden has access to our new online maths facility, MathsWatch VLE.

  • Student can view over 1000 mathematical video tutorials in order to learn new skills, or simply refresh old ones! 

  • Each student has their own unique user and password so that they can keep track of their results and keep in contact with their teacher using the MathsWatch VLE interface.