Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


At Harris Academy Morden we promote our students’ Literacy and work hard to ensure that they achieve to the very best of their ability. Without good Literacy skills, students will not achieve their potential in terms of exam success, further education placements and training or in employment opportunities. Consequently, there is nothing that we take more seriously at the school: Literacy underpins success.

As with all skills, students arrive at the Academy with different levels of competency in Literacy and we work hard to provide the kind of tailored programme of interventions needed to ensure that students who have fallen behind make rapid progress to catch-up.

Within The Language Centre (TLC) at the heart of our Academy, we provide a range of Literacy intervention sessions targeting every student who needs Literacy support. From phonetics programmes for the weakest readers and small, levelled progress groups to 1:1 sessions designed to address specific individuals, our dedicated team gives every child the help and support they need to access a full curriculum and achieve their potential.

As well as supporting individual students, the Academy has a huge range of promotional and fun activities throughout the year to encourage reading and Literacy engagement. Numerous Literacy competitions, both within our school and between the rival academies within the Federation, take place throughout the year. This year students have competed in reading, spelling and debating competitions as well as events during World Book Day in March and Literacy Week, when we had a whole week’s worth of Literacy-themed activities.

In addition to this provision, the Academy recognises that Literacy can be an issue for some parents. As a result, we have provided a series of voluntary Literacy Clinics for parents to attend after school to brush up on their Literacy skills. We also provide help and advice for parents about how they can support their child’s Literacy at home. This information is available on the Academy website under the ‘Parents’ link.