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Rosetta Stone

What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone is an interactive ICT based software which allows you to be fully immersed in a foreign language without boarding an aeroplane! Rosetta Stone helps you to develop your language learning

skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing through a range of activities. It also helps you to consolidate your knowledge of grammar and pronunciation.

Why Rosetta Stone?

1.       To provide our EAL students with the tools to integrate into our school and the wider community as easily as possible.

2.       To break down language barriers inside and outside of the classroom.

3.       To develop students’ cultural and linguistic understanding.

4.       To improve progress and student attainment in Literacy.

5.       Rosetta Stone allows staff to monitor the progress of all users through a report which gets sent via email.

6.       The data generated from the report can then be used to inform teachers planning, students and parents with regards to achievements and areas of development.

How do I use Rosetta Stone?

To access the Rosetta Stone program please click the following link;

Rosetta Stone