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Introduction to Computing and ICT at Harris Academy Morden

In the rapidly changing world we live in, capability in Computing is an essential life skill that will enable all students to innovate and strive toward excellence in this field. Computing is a fundamental component of teaching at the Harris Academy Morden. It is taught as a compulsory subject to all students in Key Stage 3 followed by the optional choice at KS4. As such, it is intended that all students acquire several transferrable skills in a broad range of software, both in Computing lessons and across the curriculum. Our aim is also to equip students with the ability to use technological tools to skilfully find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information creatively, responsibly and safely.

Students will be given the opportunity to develop their independence and resilience through a range of activities and topics that will guide their thinking to include abstraction, decomposition, pattern recognition and sequencing. Students are encouraged to apply these concepts to most challenges that they face in and out of school. By following a progressive and innovative Computing curriculum with a balance to ICT and computing content that is constantly changing, students will develop the expertise and confidence to use skills and computational thinking across a broad range of scenarios that could be solved in class or in other subjects. Outside of formal teaching, students have access to well-resourced, modern computer suites where they are encouraged to work independently, using facilities for presentation of work in a range of subjects and for research. All students have their own login credentials to access resources remotely after school hours.

Computing is a highly sought after skill that employer crave as it requires high levels of resilience and focus, in addition to requiring a high level of creative thinking to produce solutions. There is currently a shortage of skilled individuals that have a good work knowledge of programming languages such as Python, HTML, CSS and SQL.

Our curriculum and teaching will prepare our students for the communication and technology driven world we live in and the skills, knowledge, technology and software awareness gained will give our students the best chance to be equipped to the world of work and its demands.


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