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Introduction to Drama at Harris Academy Morden

In Drama at Harris Academy Morden, lessons at KS3 are focused around developing theatrical skills for a live performance, helping students to become confident individuals in front of an audience. Lessons include a range of activities, including scripted and devised work, allowing students to be creative and develop their literacy skills whilst gaining valuable knowledge of key Drama concepts. In addition to this, students will understand how to work collaboratively with others and ensure that they can individually contribute to a project. This means students are equipped with skills that are valued in adult life, enhancing employability.

In KS3 Drama at Harris Academy Morden, students explore a range of styles, including pantomime and mime, as well as incorporating theatre practitioner techniques from Brecht and Artaud. This versatile approach to Drama allows students to gain a wider grasp of the complexities of creating their own performances. When exploring a text, students are encouraged to consider the social, historical and cultural context of the play; enabling them to make connections across different periods and societies.

As students develop into KS4, work is split between three components, 1. Devising Theatre, 2. Performing from a Text and 3. Interpreting Theatre. Students will build on their KS3 knowledge and further this with the addition of written work. Students will create their own work with influences from their chosen practitioner using knowledge from KS3 and newly introduced KS4 practitioners. Students will learn to edit and select key extracts of a play to perform for a live audience. Interpreting Theatre allows students to study a set text in depth and analyse a live piece of theatre. Students will develop their critical judgement, performance/design and collaborative skills, which will benefit them, post KS4.

Please see the document below for details of the Intent, Implemetation and Impact for Drama at Harris Academy Morden




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