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Introduction to Science at Harris Academy Morden

In Science at Harris Academy Morden, lessons are focused around a key question to promote a spirit of enquiry and curiosity, helping pupils to become confident and well-rounded individuals who have an interest about the world around them. In science we aim to foster a love of learning, our lessons are focussed on leaving the students in a place where they want to know more, and we encourage them to find out about the scientific world around them.  We aim to encourage students to see ‘science in the real world’ using science to explain and investigate everyday experiences. Our aim in science is to develop student’s literacy skills to present reasoned explanations, predictions and hypotheses. Students will be given the opportunity to engage in a variety of practical learning activities to systematically develop their scientific attitudes and working scientifically skills appreciate, and be prepared for, opportunities for future study and/ or careers in STEM

Pupils are encouraged to use and apply their knowledge to understand new and unfamiliar concepts and use logic reasoning to make informed decisions. A wide range of activities provides access to a wealth of knowledge and information, which enables all pupils to have access to the curriculum and make progress.

We believe that all students should gain a level of scientific competency allowing them to succeed in all areas of their life. In order to do this, we have created a curriculum that offers our pupils the opportunity to gain a depth and breadth of knowledge in our exciting, innovative and ever changing subject and to develop a range of knowledge and skills, including scientific enquiry, literacy, numeracy, evaluation and the advanced skill of synopticity.

Science skills are highly desirable by employers. They demonstrate the ability to problem solve, integrate effectively with others, utilise high numeracy and literacy skills and to assess and evaluate to a high standard Scientific knowledge and understanding.  

Even more importantly, we teach about the world as it currently is, how populations and products are developed, real problems faced by humans and our moral obligations to the planet. Our curriculum is designed to teach from a positive perspective, to show how the development of Scientific technology has saved lives and protects environments and a real hope for future generations to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our curriculum is based on a 5-year spiral plan, in Year 7 we introduce a range of topics like Cells, Energy, Interdependence, Forces and Particles, The Periodic Table, in subsequent years students build on their basic knowledge as the topics become increasing specialised as they continue to study science. The KS3 National Curriculum is completely covered within the first two years of the 5 year curriculum, with the KS4 curriculum in the following years.

Please see the document below for details of the Intent, Implemetation and Impact for Science at Harris Academy Morden



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