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Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Fund

Catch up data and provision 2019-2020

Students entering the Academy below a level 4 in English and Maths are entitled to catch up provision.  Due to the Covid – 19 pandemic KS2 tests were not taken this year at primary school.  Since arriving at Harris Academy Morden, we put our year 7 students through a range of GL assessment tests which aim to capture the range of academic ability of students in English and Mathematics.  The number of students which we believe are eligible for catch up support are as follows:

2020 cohort

Total in catch up (ENG and Maths)


Number only ENG


Number only Maths


Number both




Number below their age (Reading)


Literacy and English support

All Catch-Up Fund students participate in the following intervention programmes: Lexia, Fresh Start, Precision Reading, EAL support, vocabulary and Book Buddy, all of which have been specifically designed to bridge the gap in their literacy. In addition to these bespoke programmes, students received one reading lesson each week, delivered by English specialist teachers, as part of the school reading programme where the primary focus is on getting the ‘basics’ correct in reading thereby laying a solid foundation for future progress in the subject.

Below is a summary of the range of intervention available: 

Intervention programme

Targeted students


Reading lessons

Year 7,8 and 9

Weekly and during lessons

Lexia and Lexia intervention

Students below their reading in KS3 age and those eligible for Catch Up

7 x 30 minutes sessions during tutor time, lexia intervention can occur up to three times a week depending on the need

Fresh Start

Students in year 7 below their reading age

Students removed from lessons up to 7 sessions per week

Book Buddy Breakfast

Students reading alongside more able readers in their bubble

AM slots created before school

Bedrock Vocabulary

Years 9 and 10

Students complete work in HW club


Numeracy and Mathematics support

At Harris Academy Morden, our year 7s are receiving a larger and more rigorous package of intervention in 2020 due to the lack of schooling received last year.

Action / programme




Year 7 booster 1 (reactionary)

Tuesday P7

Student’s weekly topic tests are analysed and poor performance warrants attendance to Booster 1.  This group changes each week. 


Year 7 booster 2 (planned)

Group 1 – Tuesday P7

Group 2 – Thursday P7

Group 3 – Thursday P7

Group 4 – Tutor Time

48 students, who scored most poorly on GLS testing, are selected to make up the four booster groups (12 a class).  Students are tested, taken through a ten week catch up programme and then retested at the end.  This programme is repeated again after Christmas with the remaining 51 students. 





Curriculum reviews

Weekly in LM meetings

Analysis of topic tests to inform changes to future content.


Tutor time booster

Tutor Time tbc by EMT

Students are selected to use the online maths programme (Match Watch) to improve their HW record.

TAs tbc by EMT


In November 2020 we are also introducing our numeracy ‘ninjas’, a programme designed to sharpen up key skills in mathematics for students who are behind.  The programme will be completed by year 7 students during form time every week until the summer term.