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Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Fund

Year 7 Catch-Up for English and maths 2016-2017

We received £23,404 for the Year 7 catch-up grant in 16/17.


English intervention targeted towards students eligible for the Catch Up fund was successful.  Half of the students in English are now working at a level 4 or better since having English intervention.  Impact was also significant in terms of student targets with some 67% of the cohort now on track to meet or exceed their targets.

English interventions that ran throughout the year included EAL interventions, Literacy intervention, Lexia and book buddy intervention.  These programmes were bespoke and were offered to students depending on their weaknesses and needs.  Students were also rotated through a thorough programme of grammar and reading boosters.  This focused entirely on getting the ‘basics’ correct and would lay the foundations for future progress in the subject.


Students eligible for catch up funding did exceptionally well in mathematics in the 2016 – 2017 academic year.

Students arrived at our Academy achieving less that a level 4, after intervention 65% of those students are now level 4+ with a significant number achieving level 5 or better.

We also have many students now achieving a level 3 demonstrating a significant rise and positive progress due to their very low levels upon arrival.

Intervention at our Academy including morning catch up sessions in a computer room before schools and designated intervention after school for eligible students. The impact of these sessions was significant as one can evidence by an overall Progress 8 score of +1.15 for the group.

Year 7 Catch-Up Plan for English and maths 2017-2018

We received £22,462 for the Year 7 catch-up grant in 17/18.

The Academy plan to continue the use of our successful strategies as detailed below.




Fresh Start Programme

Taught by 2 literacy TAs


Additional Literacy lessons x 2 weekly

Taught by 2 literacy TAs


LEXIA programme

Delivered throughout the year


Reading Programme

Delivered by English specialists throughout the year


Speech and Language intervention

Delivered by speech and language trainees and TA


EAL intervention

Taught by 2 EAL TAs






Morning Catch up Sessions

Taught by our Maths TA


Hegarty Maths programme

Delivered throughout the year


After school targeted booster

Delivered by experienced Maths teachers